Friday, July 2, 2010

All Is Forgiven

Monday was a very good day cause for the first time I got to see WWE Raw live and in HD. I did had to work that day but not on night side cause the desk call me in early. This week I'll give it a grade of a B- so you say why, well let me explain. It's been a month and a couple of weeks since joining my new shop I'm still going through "grown pains". Me and my reporter got in and started to log and edit my package. I went to set up my live shot the desk called and informed me that the video was cut in SD instead of HD. I realized that i clicked on the wrong project settings in Eduis. The story did run in the ten but not in the eleven. Indeed I was freaked out that my ND, EP, and chief photog will get mad at me but I had e-mailed them as soon I got back to the station. Later in the week I shot a package that dealt with snakes. Yes I was freaked out but kept my cool and did my job. I got a chance to speak with the chief photog at WGCL-TV in Atlanta and I did not know he knew my chief photog. Can you say small world? I just talked to him about me and a possibility to work there in a couple of years. Over all the week could have been better but I lived to fight another day. Next week I'm back on day side and let the breaking news come. Till next time "Chance favors the prepared mind."