Saturday, March 19, 2016

Changing Channels...Again!

I'm very blessed to announce that I have accepted the photographer position at WPBF 25 News in West Palm Beach FL. To God Be The Glory! After nearly a year in Raleigh NC I'm returning to warmer weather and sandy beaches. But God. ‪#‎nevergiveup‬ ‪#‎prayerschangesthings‬

Monday, March 2, 2015

Thank you Southside Cogic

Thank you Southside Cogic for nearly 5 amazing years of prayer and spiritual growth while I spent my professional life in ‪#‎Jacksonville‬ FL. Bishop Robinson thanks for your guidance and prayers over my life. "There is no side like the Southside." It's never goodbye it's see you soon. Stay tuned.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Thanks Everyone!

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate my upcoming next chapter of my life over very good dinner at my spot 4 Rivers Smokehouse tonight. I love you all and thanks for letting me apart of your professional and personal lives these nearly 5 years. It's never goodbye but until next time love God, take care of yourself and each other. Stay tuned.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

My career at Action News is officially over

My career at Action News is officially over. I’m thankful to everyone who’s had a part in my growth. A new chapter awaits. ‪#‎staytuned‬

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Thank You!

My career at Action News is officially over. I’m thankful to everyone who’s had a part in my growth. A new chapter awaits. ‪#‎staytuned‬

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Changing Channels

I want to thank Jesus who is always the head of my life for this huge opportunity. After four in a half years of working at Action News here in Jacksonville FL I'm leaving the FOX & CBS affiliate for another one. I'm very blessed, proud and excited to be joining the number one station in  Raleigh NC WRAL. Tuesday morning I received the call and without hesitation I said "yes" and asked when i can start.  I would like to thank everyone who prayed and believed in me in chasing my dreams to get to the next level. I've prayed, worked hard and never gave up. My last day at Action News will be on March 4, 2015 and start date will be on Monday March 16, 2015. I've worked with some amazing people, made some great friends and covered some great stories here in Florida. I truly believe that my season is here and I had to be patient with God while he does his amazing work, Jesus never gave up on me and never shall I. My new adventure awaits in Raleigh so like I say... stay tuned. #Blessed #Honored #Excited (Psalms 107:1)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

In The Spotlight

As the world and the national media gather at the Duval County Courthouse for the Michael Dunn trial, once again Florida takes center stage. Michael Dunn is facing murder for shooting Jordan Davis for playing loud music at a Gate gas station on Southside Blvd. and Baymeadows Rd. in Jacksonville Fl two years ago. This location is up the street from my apartment. The case is very similar to the Trayvon Martin case about a gun used where the defendant is using the Stand Your Ground law. My station is covering the trial gavel to gavel and in my honest opinion i hope this case will not have the same results as the George Zimmerman case. For all my updates and behind the scenes follow me on twitter at @ThomasDBradley and on facebook.