Saturday, December 15, 2012


Nothing I can say can ease the pain of what the parents of the victims in CT. Later this year I was given the task to cover a school shooting here in Jacksonville FL, it was my first school shooting I might add. My heart race as me and my reporter raced to the scene. Once I arrived I was met by worried parents, gun carrying cops and a traffic nightmare at the school entrance. Yes my job requires me to capture every moment of the developing story out there. Although no kids was ever hurt or killed in the whole situation only two people died, the gunman and the dean. Last night I've posted this on my twitter page : " I remember this past year I covered my 1st school shooting at #Episcopal. As a news photog I wish this on NO ONE just for ratings.#Newtown ".

Friday, December 7, 2012

Pain with No Gain

Being healthy almost all my life and of course the every now again cough I've never had pain like this ever. Two days ago Wednesday while at work around noon i began feel pain in my stomach area. I continue working as nothing happened but the pain became greater. My reporter and i stopped by a drug store for aspirin but the pain became greater after completing our 5pm live shot. Thank God the live hit was one of the top story. While driving back to station from GA I kept telling my reporter my stomach hurts. I quickly put up all my gear and went home and rested then took more aspirin  it didn't work. I picked up the phone and called my mom and she told me to go to the hospital. In very great pain I drove to Memorial Hospital on my own power. After 20min i saw the doctor, they ran test and told me the news that they have to remove my appendix via surgery. Yes your's truly went to twitter and Facebook to make the announcement  Thanks to all for your well wishes. The surgery was successful and the staff treated me very nice. Thanks to the people who called me and my chief photographer who came and got my phone charger as well took me home from the hospital. In all the joy out weighted the pain. Thank you Jesus once again for sparing my life. Pain will never will have no gain.