Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yours Truly Is Featured On YOU TUBE

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor to go out to cover some 3rd Brigade training at one of the largest military installation in the country, Ft. Benning. The story starts off when I arrive at the station to pick up my gear in the early hours in the morning to drive down I85 to meet the PAO's at the main gate. The mission to do a NAT Pkg on the training. The background of the mission is to cover the preparedness 3rd Brigade of the for a month-long rotation at the National Training Center in California, then a pending deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Well that day was a very long day and I was at least 50 minutes away from the station and the surroundings was like I was really in Iraq. My black leather steel toe boots went from black to orange because of the "sand" and I was really hot. Anyways yesterday I was notified by one of our reporter Laurie Bernstein who covers the military at Ft. Benning that I was on the You Tube video. To view the video click here and to view the story from the 3rd Brigade click here. In a couple of weeks I will be posting the package that I covered on my website that aired on our station, WTVM soon so stay tuned. Until next time "Chance favors the prepared mind.

3rd Brigade media coverage increases as deployment nears

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Very Busy But Back Writing.

Sorry everyone but I know that I have not written anything here in a while but you know life as a news photojournalist can be busy, I mean very busy. Since I blogged last I witnessed the largest fire here in Columbus Georgia history, click here for that story. Since the fire we in the Chattahoochee Valley experienced massive amount of rain and it flooded most of the residence homes here. Very bad flooding that ruined infrastructure like the waters did during hurricane Katrina. In my “Liveshot Of The Month” on my website you can see where the water was at this particular house. Columbus so call “9th ward was very much damage. In the first time in history the over flooded its banks. I live here two in a half years and I never thought I will see the day that river ever get swollen due to the drought we had here in Georgia. Finally, the event that I was apart of well sort of when the tornado hit Columbus. I always wanted to see a twister but I found out when I went to work the next day that the tornado came over Phenix City Alabama, over the river, hit downtown then skipped over Veterans pkwy and heavily hit the midtown/ lake bottom park area. Click here for this story as well. The tornado was my third tornado coverage ever in my career as an news photojournalist. After all I have been busy and now shooting nat packages (packages without a reporters track) and trying to get my tape together to move to the next market. As soon I get more news or event I will write more. Till next time “Chance favors the prepared mind”.