Friday, August 29, 2008


Well after one month since the FBI had there press conference in Columbus Georgia to name their top ten addition to the "Most Wanted", something finally happened. When I arrived to the station after my lunch break we got a fax form the Columbus police department around 1:00pm in the afternoon. The fax had gave us a heads up that a big press conference is going to be taking place at 3:00pm at the police station. The newsroom was a buzz as we was speculating that what the outcome of the conference will entailed. It was not your usual "hands on deck" situation but something big was about to go down. Unfortunately I was not called to shoot the press conference but the assignment desk that was ran by my news director that day assigned the task to other photogs as I had to go out with one of my anchor to another story assigned later that day. As a spoiler we found out on the Ledger-Enquirer that they just reoported on the website that they had arrested Columbus Georgia native and killer Michael Jason Registe. We boke in regular programming and went live for the annoucement but our competitor could not due to their station was off-air for about a day. As stated in in the previous post "IF YOU BREAK THE LAW WE WILL MAKE YOU FAMOUS.", Registe was featured on Fox's "America's Most Wanted" and not even a month he was arrested at a guest house shortly after 11 a.m. by St. Maarten police officials in conjunction with the Antilles Director of Public Prosecution and through coordination with the FBI's legal attache in Bridgetown, Barbados. Although I was not at the press conference but I know the family was thankful that they can some what move on with their lives. The media and AMW deserves partial credit in his arrest. Not all news that the media reports are bad news. We can make a difference in helping cases.

Above is the newspaper details arrest of Michael Registe and on right is the FBI wanted flyer.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


OMG! Today when I was on the Internet you know as we all do search the Internet on your favorite foods, celebrity, town and I can go on and on but I went on the mecca of search engines Google you never believe this. While I was on Google I just did like anyone do is I search my name "Thomas D Bradley" and you guessed it my name made it on the popular search engine. When you click on the name it directs you to my website The second link below that directs you to my bio page just below that the other link takes you to my reel that is posted up on You Tube. It's kind of a funny and a good thing that I can say to someone that if you want to look me up just "google" me. Below is a screenshot of the webpage.

Screenshot of my name on the popular search engine Google.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


After getting some well deserved days off from work I decided to return to Atlanta to catch up with my friends who was at the Philips Arena for WWE. If you did not know I'm a huge WWE fan ands before you say something I do not "Mark Out". Basically I went there just to catch up on my friends who work behind the scenes of the company i.e cameramen, TV production truck operators, and sound technicians. I saw everyone but Rico who was on this first wedding anniversary in Aruba, lucky him. I got a chance to see all the new fancy and expensive (HD) high definition equipment and I was a kid in a candy shop. My friend Marty call me while I was visiting my friends and former coworkers at CNN then we went to the arena. I was glad to see everyone then we preceded to WWE catering. The food was good as I had the beef ribs that was very tender and good. Marty introduced me to WWE director Kevin Stilfiles or "Kerwin" and It was a honor to meet the one who call the shots in the cameramen headsets. After getting my stomach full and some good knowledge from Kerwin I took a tour in WWE's 200 million dollar HD TV production truck. Although I did not took any pictures for obvious reasons the inside of the truck as well as the outside. The outside of the truck features graphics of the WWE wrestlers or superstars and the inside has state of the art high definition equipment. The switcher alone has over one thousand buttons and ten camera inputs.

This is one of an inside look of the HD production truck. This area is the control room in other words the nerve center. All video, audio, graphics and other video elements comes together here.

This area is known as the audio room. This room controls all the audio including mics from the cameras, ring, crowd, announcers and any other incoming audio feeds.

In all I had fun meeting everyone again at the show and touring the new stuff they have. I just wish I can work for them one day, not as a wrestler but in WWE production staff. I think, no, I know what it takes to work there at WWE.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Well it's not what you think I have to admit, yes I'm a huge WWE wrestling fan so I took two days off from work to see my boys and girls (divas) in action. All my friends that I have not seen since Wrestlemania 24 in Orlando Marty, Stew and Rico well not Rico cause he is celebrating his one year wedding anniversary with his wife Courtney but It will be great to see everyone. I cant wait to see all the new HD stuff that WWE have so I hope I can take a tour of things. Well I have to make that long hour and a half hour to Atlanta to see if they are there yet. See ya!