Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Ok, well after two failed satellite live shots one because the generator went out on me due to over heating and the other live shot I could not find the satellite due to my elevation was off and I was on (V)vertical instead of (H)horizontal to access Galaxy 17(the satellite my station uses for live shots) I finally had a successful live satellite shot. It all happened when I supposed to perform a microwave live shot for our 5 pm newscast but due to our ENG/SNG truck had a short mast the shot could not be established so I called back to the station and explain the situation. I got off the phone, brought down the mast, put the jacks down, call to book a window, deployed the dish, and found the bird Galaxy 17. At 5:45pm I contacted ABSAT bridge to ask can I come up on power and then walla I saw my return then I waited for the reporter to arrive at the live shot location. We got all the mic's and IFB's and then its live to us at six. After the live shot I was soo relieved that I did it and I had to do the same for the ten and the eleven newscasts. I just wanted to say like the old saying "Practice makes perfect", well it really do. Below is the video and pictures in a historic day in my career. Thanks Paul!!! Till next time "Chance favors the prepared mind".

This video displays my first satellite shot. Since our live/ satellite truck could not go live for the 5pm newscast via microwave at the live shot location I had to book time and perform the shot at 6pm.

The pictures above shows our station live ENG/ SNG truck as well the satellite Galaxy 17 in the waveform monitor.