Sunday, September 20, 2009


OK I've finally made it back home to Columbus from a very busy weekend of freelancing. While I was setting up for the Georgia Music Hall Of Fame show I managed to snap some photos below. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well sort of. I'm in Atlanta now to work or freelance if you will with GPB (Georgia Public Broadcasting) at their annual Georgia Music Hall of Fame show and this year will be a great one. This is my eighth year in working with the public broadcasting company for this event. This event will be a little different because my mentor for over a decade Phil Proctor, will not be there due to GPB letting him go early this year. I guess I have to carry the torch then. Anyways I hope i will be working camera this year because I think I deserve it due to my experience and loyalty to the company and annual event but we'll see. The people that I am told that will be accepting the induction of the GA Music Hall of fame will be Atlanta's own rock group Collective Soul and christian rock group Third Day. I'm looking forward to hear my favorite song from Collective Soul "Heavy". It's been a long time since I've seen the guy who gave me my first TV check out of college Rosser Shymanski and it will be fun to see what he's been up to as well others at GPB. Friday I have a 8am crew call and meet everyone at the TV production truck and Saturday leading up to airtime to tweak then fax all the cameras. Sunday i will be heading to the GA. Dome to work the Atlanta Falcons game. Can you say "Money, Money, Yea, Yea!" Later in my blog I will post any pictures from the Hall of Fame event. Till next time "Chance favors the prepared mind".

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


OK after two failed satellite live shots, one the generator overheated and the other I was on the wrong bird then later I found out that I the elevation was off. So I had to practice and practice and it all worked well. Tonight I took out our satellite truck to do that and I feel comfortable in finding satellite Galaxy 17. For the first time I, by myself set up a live satellite shot in the back yard of our station parking lot. It did not take me a while to find it because I know where the bird was. I set the elevation to 51.0 and I looked on the waveform monitor and I counted the satellites while they went by pointing the dish 91 degrees west as my azimuth was 101.8. When I was calling Galaxy 17 access I sudden forgot to set the computer to H or horizontal so I can be on the right bird and they can see me. So I will try again once more to see I can find everything in the air. Hopefully when I ever go out and perform I sat shot I will not have no problem finding it. I'll keep my fingers cross and pray hard. Till next time "Chance favors the prepared mind".

Above is Galaxy 17 as viewed in the waveform monitor in the satellite truck.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Above are pictures I took while the Atlanta Falcons kicked off their 2009 season at the Georgia Dome. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


After making the trip from "C-Town" which is Columbus GA to some I finally made it home to Atlanta to start doing the Falcons game. This weekend I'm "on call" at work at WTVM but hopefully no one at the station will call me while the game is underway. I just arrived at the GA Dome and I'm a little bit too early as I thought I suppose to be here for crew call but the time I had to be here is at 9:00am...Oops! Well I just got some good news that I will be operating camera soon here so I can't wait for the opportunity. Let's just say if that does happen you will bet that the Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders will get a lot of airtime! I'm hoping to see everyone here safe and sound. I can't wait for the game to start so I can go back to Columbus quickly so if anything happens I can be there. Anyways later tonight I'll be at Buffalo Wild Wings for the WWE pay-per-view "Breaking Point" so hopefully no tables-ladders-and chairs will be thrown. Tomorrow I will be posting some pics of the event here so be looking out for that. The season kickoff game will be on CBS today so hopefully their cameras will not catch me on the side lines. I'll try to avoid that. Till next time "Chance favors the prepared mind".

Friday, September 4, 2009


There is many seasons there's weather, sports and other but the new season of football has come. I will have the pleasure to work the whole Atlanta Falcons season while they play at home at the Georgia Dome this year. Though the pre-season was not all good with a 2-2 record we will see. Next weekend (Sunday) I will be blogging with pictures to follow to see every step of activities while I'm working the game. Hopefully, the first home game will be very good. I don't know what network will carry the game but you might see me on the sidelines. Till next time "Chance favors the prepared mind".